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You should choose Cash 4 Loans – and here is the reason

A loan might be the answer to your problem – but before applying you must consider the overall cost. Anyone who takes out a loan for any reason needs to understand exactly how much the total cost will be and whether they are able to meet the repayments. Take this test:

Estimated disposable income at the end of the month minus the cost of the loan

If you have cash left over maybe a loan is the right choice for you.

We strive to make sure we excel in everything we do. We have great experience of working within the UK financial market and you can be assured we will do whatever it takes to find you the best deal. We are completely transparent about how the process works and whether a short-term loan is the best answer for you.

If you are accepted for a loan you could borrow between £80 and £750. You must take time to consider carefully all loan applications. Please be sure you will be able to repay the loan when the agreement ends.

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7 days

You pay back:     £352.80
Total loan cost: £72.80*

Annual Percentage Rate is required to be used by any UK firm working within the finance industry. It is more commonly known as APR and this calculated figure is used to help consumers compare how much they will be required to pay back on loans and finance agreements. But the figure is complicated when applied to payday loans because it does not take into account non-interest related fees or charges and does not recognise the much shorter time period of the loan.

If you compare the APR of a payday loan and that of an unsecured personal loan then the figures are very different. Simply put, this is because the personal loan is repaid over 5 years. But if we break the payments down we will see that there would be an extra £4,981.92 on top of a £15,000 loan. This equates to 33.2% of the original loan.

Let us now compare the payday loan with the 24% charged during a 30-day period against the personal loan - The total cost per £1 borrowed is actually LOWER with the short-term loan.

Comparing Payday Loans and Personal Unsecured Loans

Example of a payday loan:

  • If you borrowed £200 over a 30-day timescale

  • You would pay back a total of £248

  • Therefore the interest would be £48

  • And the APR is 1269.7%

For every £1.00 borrowed, £1.24 would be paid back

Example of a payday loan:

  • If you borrowed £15,000 over a 60-month timescale

  • You would pay back a total of £19,981.92

  • Therefore the interest would be £4,981.92

  • And the APR is 15.9%

For every £1.00 borrowed, £1.33 would be paid back

Instant cash loans from £80 to £750

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Consumer Advisory: Cash 4 Loans is a loan matching service. Once your application is successful we submit your information to lenders. Once you are in contact with a lender they may require more information from you.

We are not a direct lender. Terms and conditions of any loan will differ depending on lenders. Missed and late repayments might result in larger fees and interest rates. Not all lenders offer loans up to £750. Not all applicants will qualify for the amount they requested. Collection services may be used for non-payment of loans.

We do not directly lend money, we provide a FREE loan matching service to the public.

Representative 1223.6% APR

Representative Example: 1223.6% APR variable. £100 borrowed over 30 days would equal total borrowing of £124.00. Actual Interest is 24%.

Note: the APR you pay may differ depending on the lender that accepts you.

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*Fund transfer times may vary based on the matched UK money lender, time of day applied and your bank.

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